How To Test China Steel Shredder Machine?

Released on Sep. 20 , 2018

(1) Preparation before commissioning

1 Check the China Steel Shredder Machine cavity for debris.

2 Check the gap between the rotor plate hammer and the counterattack plate, which should meet the design requirements.

3 Check if the pad adjustment device is flexible.

4 Use manual cranking to observe whether the rotor plate hammer is rubbed or not.

5 Check the injection of the main bearing lubricant.

(2) After confirming the error, jog the motor. Confirm the steering of the motor, the motor idling for 2h, confirm the motor performance and bearing temperature rise.

(3) Install the V-belt, adjust the tension, and check the parallelism between the two pulleys.

(4) Jog driving to check whether the components are operating normally. After confirming the correctness, carry out the empty car test run 4h to check the following parts (the direct drive is not allowed to jog):

1 There should be no abnormal sound in the tearing cavity.

2 The China Scrap Metal Shredder runs smoothly and there is no abnormal vibration.

3 bearing temperature rise should be within the specified value.

4 The actual power consumption and current value of the motor should be within the rated value, and there should be no abnormal fluctuations.

(5) Load test

The car test runs in two shifts, each shift for 6 hours, and on the same day.

Load test vehicle: half load small block, half load normal material, full load normal material, see item (4) for inspection items.

China Steel Shredder Machine


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