Aluminium Shredder

An aluminum shredder, also known as an aluminum scrap shredder or aluminum can shredder, is a specialized machine designed to shred aluminum scrap into smaller pieces. It is used primarily in recycling facilities, scrapyards, and metal processing plants to process aluminum waste for recycling or disposal.

The aluminum shredding process involves feeding aluminum scrap into the shredder, where it is subjected to powerful rotating blades or hammers. These blades or hammers tear apart the aluminum scrap, reducing it into smaller fragments or chips. The size and configuration of the shredder's blades depend on the specific requirements and desired output size.

The metals that can be processed are indicatively:

metal scrap generally coming from the collection of metal, aluminium, copper, bronze scrap

aluminium scrap, aluminium cans, aluminium profiles and sections

aluminium frames

light collection scrap, metal containers and barrels

inert war devices, cartridges, etc.

radiators with aluminium blades


Service for your aluminium shredder

Qiansen carries a large stock of spare parts for your aluminium shredders. Furthermore we have a big team of field service engineers that are capable of reducing your down times and so improving your return on investment.

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