Aluminium Shredder

An aluminum shredder, also known as an aluminum scrap shredder or aluminum can shredder, is a specialized machine designed to shred aluminum scrap into smaller pieces. It is used primarily in recycling facilities, scrapyards, and metal processing plants to process aluminum waste for recycling or disposal.

The aluminum shredding process involves feeding aluminum scrap into the shredder, where it is subjected to powerful rotating blades or hammers. These blades or hammers tear apart the aluminum scrap, reducing it into smaller fragments or chips. The size and configuration of the aluminum recycling equipment's blades depend on the specific requirements and desired output size.

Our range of high-quality aluminum metal shredder focus on crushing strength, easily shredding aluminum flakes into manageable scrap piles. Designed to fit your facility's floors, these waste aluminium shredder are available in a variety of sizes, and each scrap aluminium shredder is equipped with powerful knives that can cut through aluminum with ease, no matter how thick it is. They come in different throughput capacities, from light with up to 1 ton per hour, to medium with 1-3 tons per hour, to heavy with over 3 tons per hour.

The metals that can be processed are indicatively:

metal scrap generally coming from the collection of metal, aluminium, copper, bronze scrap

aluminium scrap, aluminium cans, aluminium profiles and sections

aluminium frames

light collection scrap, metal containers and barrels

inert war devices, cartridges, etc.

radiators with aluminium blades

Aluminum Scrap Shredders Deliver Unprecedented Quality Products

Shredding aluminum makes it easier to sort and separate impurities from scrap. Downsizing through shredding is a necessary first step in the process. In addition to reducing scrap to a more manageable size, shredding also separates different components from one another. Once separated, advanced downstream sorting techniques will free the aluminum debris from contaminants, creating a pure and high-value product that is less costly to transport and ideal for smelting into new aluminum. Choosing the right recycling process is critical: the wrong choice of scrap aluminum crusher can result in too much metal fines, oxidation of the material or insufficient release of impurities.

Post-crushing and separation technology is just as important as choosing the right aluminum scrap crusher. The right combination of different magnetic separation technologies as well as screening, X-ray sorting, X-ray fluorescence, laser and optical sorting can have a huge impact on the purity and value of the final product.


Aluminium Scrap Shredder Manufacturer

Qiansen carries a large stock of spare parts for your aluminium shredder, Provide you with aluminum recycling and shredding solutions, frthermore we have a big team of field service engineers that are capable of reducing your down times and so improving your return on investment.

Qiansen offers turnkey systems for a variety of specialized aluminum recycling applications. These include the shredding of aluminum briquettes, UBCs (Used Beverage Containers), and other aluminum wastes. qiansen technology is particularly adept at recycling bulk wastes consisting of aluminum composites.

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