Special Crusher For Cast Deformed Aluminum
  • Special Crusher For Cast Deformed Aluminum
  • Special Crusher For Cast Deformed Aluminum
  • Special Crusher For Cast Deformed Aluminum
  • Special Crusher For Cast Deformed Aluminum

Special Crusher For Cast Deformed Aluminum

    1、Based on the research and development of scrap steel crusher, using the production standards of scrap steel crusher, the machine is durable, reliable quality. 

    2、For different materials, using the corresponding configuration, large output, high efficiency. 

    3、Good product shape, low loss, aluminum final loss control within 2%. 

    4、We can provide a complete crushing, sorting process, tailored for customers to create the most suitable equipment and solutions.

Aluminum Shredder Machine

An aluminum shredder machine is a type of industrial equipment used to reduce aluminum scrap into smaller pieces or particles. It is commonly used in recycling facilities, metal processing plants, and scrap yards to process aluminum waste and prepare it for further recycling or remelting.

Key Features

Shredding Mechanism: Aluminum shredders typically employ a high-powered motor and a set of sharp rotating blades or hammers to shred aluminum materials. The shredding mechanism can vary depending on the specific machine design and manufacturer.

Size Reduction: The primary function of an aluminum shredder machine is to reduce the size of aluminum scrap. It can handle various forms of aluminum waste, such as aluminum sheets, profiles, cans, foils, and other aluminum products. The shredded aluminum pieces are usually smaller in size and easier to handle for further processing.

Efficiency and Capacity: Aluminum shredders are designed to operate efficiently and handle a large volume of aluminum waste. The capacity of the machine can vary significantly, ranging from small-scale units suitable for recycling centers to large industrial shredders capable of processing tons of aluminum per hour.

Safety Measures: Shredder machines often incorporate safety features to protect the operators and prevent accidents. These safety measures may include emergency stop buttons, safety locks, protective shields, and sensors to detect potential hazards or overloads.

Separation and Sorting: Some advanced aluminum shredder machines may have additional features to separate and sort different types of aluminum alloys or contaminants from the shredded material. This can help improve the quality of the final output and facilitate the recycling or remelting process.

Maintenance and Durability: Like any industrial equipment, aluminum shredder machines require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. The blades or hammers may need periodic sharpening or replacement, and routine inspections and lubrication are necessary to keep the machine running smoothly.

Application scope:

Iron cuttings,sheet iron

Copper cuttings, sheet copper

Steel cuttings, sheet steel

Scrap iron bar

Waste steel wire

Waste wire

Waste steel pipe

Scrap metal

Scrap iron pipe

Special Crusher For Cast Deformed Aluminum

Xinji Qiansen Machinery has all kinds of CNC large processing equipment and welding equipment more than 100 sets, is an integrated CNC blanking, welding, machine tool processing, assembly and debugging as one of the comprehensive machinery manufacturing enterprises. The company was formerly a large metallurgical equipment manufacturing enterprise, with strong technical base, processing capacity, perfect R & D, manufacturing, sales team, since 2000 combined with the United States, Germany, Japan and other national technology committed to R & D, manufacturing scrap processing equipment, and successfully produced 160 horsepower - 10,000 horsepower scrap crushing production line, the company has been Hebei Iron and Steel Group stone home Zhuang Iron and Steel Co., LTD., Tangshan Jinma Iron and Steel Group Co., LTD., Wu 'an Xinghua Iron and Steel Company and the national scrap processing base, etc., provide more than 100 scrap crushing production lines with high quality, high efficiency and reliable performance. At the same time, we also design perfect dismantling and crushing schemes for scrapped motor vehicles, special crusher for machine aluminum, broken bridge aluminum and daily miscellaneous aluminum, nonferrous sorting equipment and layout scheme for customers. LX-75 filter crusher, fire iron crusher, ZT-45 paper crusher, etc., all the time, dry Sen machinery continues to strengthen the quality control concept, has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management system certification certificate,ISO45001 Occupational Health and safety management system certification certificate.

Special Crusher For Cast Deformed Aluminum

Special Crusher For Cast Deformed Aluminum

Special Crusher For Cast Deformed Aluminum

Special Crusher For Cast Deformed Aluminum


1.Are you trading company or manufacturer?

We are the manufacturer, and We guarantee that under the premise of the same technical parameters and quality, we provide the most appropriate price.

2.How long is the delivery time?

For standard machines, it would be about 30 days; For non-standard machines and customized machines according to clients specific requirements, it would be about 45 days.

3.How to pay to you ?

We can negotiate about payment. Generally speaking, our practice is:T/T in advance. We can accept 30% deposit , and balance paid to us before delivery.

4.Where is your factory located? How can we visit there?

Our factory is located in Xinji City, Hebei Province, China, you can fly to Shijiazhuang Zhengding international airport or Beijing Capital International Airport or Shanghai Pudong International Airport,then we pick you by car.Welcome to our factory at any time.

5.How does your factory do regarding quality control?

we are the manufacturer of this kind of shredder for more than 10 years,our customers all over the world, we have rich experience on production and R&D,: All products have to pass strict inspection before delivery. We have gained ISO9001:2008 authentication and Eu CE certification,if you need other certificate and quality control,please contact us.

6.Do you have inspection procedures for machines?

100% self-inspection before packing

7.All products can be customized?

All products can be customized by our team of professional designers.

8. How can i get the after-service?

A. We provide one year guarantee and lifelong maintenance.

B.We will send you the spare parts by free if the problems caused by us.

C.If it is the men-made problems,we also send the spare parts,however it is charged.

D. Any problem, you can call us directly.Anna:86 15930888103(WhatsApp/Wechat/)

PSX Scrap Shredder Line (3150-8200)KW


Aluminum Scrap Recycling: Aluminum shredders play a crucial role in the recycling process by reducing aluminum scrap into smaller pieces or particles. This shredded aluminum can then be further processed to extract valuable components, separate different aluminum alloys, or prepare the material for remelting and casting.

Automotive Industry: The automotive industry generates a significant amount of aluminum waste, including discarded car parts, aluminum sheets, and extrusions. Aluminum shredder machines can efficiently process this automotive scrap, enabling its recycling and reuse in the production of new vehicles or other aluminum-based products.

Manufacturing and Fabrication Facilities: Manufacturing plants that work with aluminum, such as sheet metal fabricators, often generate trimmings, offcuts, or defective parts. Aluminum shredders can handle these waste materials, reducing their size and facilitating recycling or repurposing within the manufacturing facility.

Beverage Can Recycling: Aluminum cans used for beverages can be shredded to reduce their volume and make them easier to transport. Shredding also helps in separating aluminum from other materials, such as plastic or paper, that are typically present in the recycling stream. This process enhances the efficiency of the aluminum can recycling process.

Scrap Yards and Metal Processing Centers: Scrap yards and metal processing centers deal with a wide range of metal waste, including aluminum. Aluminum shredder machines are used in these facilities to process bulk aluminum scrap, including various forms such as aluminum profiles, pipes, sheets, and other aluminum products.

Resource Recovery Facilities: Resource recovery facilities focus on extracting valuable materials from mixed waste streams. Aluminum shredders can be employed to efficiently shred aluminum-containing waste, such as electronic waste or household appliances, to recover the aluminum content for recycling purposes.

Environmental Cleanup and Remediation: In situations where there is a need to clean up aluminum-contaminated sites or industrial areas, an aluminum shredder machine can help process and reduce large aluminum debris or structures into manageable sizes for removal and recycling.

Special Crusher For Cast Deformed Aluminum Special Crusher For Cast Deformed Aluminum
Special Crusher For Cast Deformed Aluminum Special Crusher For Cast Deformed Aluminum

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