Metal shredder shipped to Japan

Released on Feb. 11 , 2022

Qiansen machinery is the manufacturer of this kind of shredder for more than 10 years,we have rich experience on production and R&D,Quality is controlled by ISO and the other quality certifications,like CE and so on.

Metal shredder machine: Thin scrap steel (or after pre-crushing) is fed to the feed conveyor by the steel grabber or electromagnetic suction cup, then crushed to a size below 80mm×80mm by the feeding roller and then crushed by the progressive crusher. The scrap products are selected by magnetic separation of the broken materials.

Advantages of crushing material

1. Uniform size can achieve continuous feeding;

2. High effluent rate, low impurity rate and reduced air pollution;

3. Stabilize the chemical composition of the steel water;

4. Lower content of phosphorus and sulfur in steel water;

5. When mixing with other waste steel, the broken steel can fill the gap and increase the additive density;

6. The electrode damage decreases during smelting;

7. During smelting, the furnace is evenly heated and the life of the furnace is extended;

8. High melting efficiency, which can be effective and energy saving.



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