Complete Set Of Scrap Metal Crusher Machine Processing Technology

Released on Dec. 24 , 2018

Scrap Metal Crusher Machine are currently a popular crushing equipment in the mechanical equipment market. The equipment is able to turn scrap metal back into raw materials and then serve us again and become something that is useful to us. The equipment is still very advantageous. It represents the development direction of the society and points the way for the development of the industry. In the past, most of the crushing equipment only considered the efficiency and power and the output-related index, which resulted in many high-energy crushing equipment. Not only that, but when these equipments are fully produced, they will generate more noise, which will not only cause intangible damage to the workers who operate the equipment, but also seriously affect the normal life of the surrounding residents. Therefore, the appearance of scrap mills has been warmly welcomed by people, and this equipment will replace those equipments with high energy consumption and high pollution, which will become the main direction of industrial development.

Scrap Crusher performance and structural characteristics:

1. Geared motor drive;

2. Intermeshing blades, completely crushing metal such as cans and paint buckets;

3. Use special blades, the blade is durable;

4. Strong structure, densely-reinforced ribs to ensure the strength of the box;

5. Automated button control, safe and convenient, only 1-2 people need to operate;

6. Safety signs and safety labels to ensure safe use.

Use range:

Suitable for crushing used car shells, used bicycles, used motorcycles, car cabs, car doors, filing cabinets, car sheet metal, safes, car compartments, car bumpers, car radiators, water tanks, and all kinds of scrap metal. The discharge size can be adjusted according to user requirements.

Scrap Metal Crusher Machine


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