Scrap Metal Shredder Equipment Features

Released on Jun. 09 , 2018

Scrap Metal Shredder has successfully combined its unique technology ingenuity with a sound design. The design and manufacture of the equipment with a robust structure and reliable performance can fully meet the harsh working conditions when processing high-alloy scrap metal materials. It not only has world-class superior performance and good reliability, but also has lower operating costs that other equipment cannot achieve.


       1, equipped with large inertia, long life, fully enclosed rotating body.

       2, using heavy-duty rotary bearing housing.

       3, the rotary body lifting device is convenient for maintenance personnel to approach the equipment to achieve safety maintenance.

       4. The upper discharge grille with good impact performance.

       5, equipped with a good impact resistance of the alloy steel liner.

       6, with the upper equipment hydraulic opening and locking mechanism, easy access to the maintenance staff to the intermediate liner, to achieve security maintenance.

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Scrap Metal Shredder


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