Safe Operation And Lubrication Knowledge Of Metal Shredder

Released on Apr. 27 , 2019

1. It is strictly forbidden to put your hand on the cutter head before starting the machine to avoid being crushed.

2. It is strictly forbidden to entrain large steel blocks and iron rods in the material to enter the crushing chamber to avoid damage to the cutter head.

Metal Shredder installation:

1. The machine should be placed on the concrete floor and the feet should be fixed by expansion bolts.

2. After the machine is properly installed, the electrician will be connected to the test.

3. The motor load cannot be overloaded during use, and the current should be controlled within the specified range of the motor.

4. Tighten the bolts of each part regularly to avoid loosening.

Lubrication of Scrap Shredder Machine:

The inorganic oil in the reducer of the new machine should be filled with No. 40 mechanical oil. The first time is 30 kg. The bearings and gears are regularly filled with grease to avoid oil loss and damage to the machine.

Metal Shredder


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