Electrical Appliances Scrap Metal Shredder Troubleshooting And Safe Operation

Released on May. 06 , 2019

How to operate the Electrical Appliances Scrap Metal Shredder?

Turn on the power, click the start button on the control cabinet, look at the reverse, determine the forward rotation and then start the machine, then start the feeding, and the magnetic separator. After the pulverizer is running normally, then the material is cut and unloaded. Be uniform to avoid an increase in short-term load.

malfunction repair:

1. Always check if the screws in each part are loose, and always tighten them.

2. Check the tightness of the belt,

3. Regularly check for consumable parts of China Metal Shredder Machine, wear and replace,

4. The bearing is filled with grease,

5 Do not let the iron material enter the back of the belt to avoid cutting the belt.

6. The transmission of the sorting is a cycloidal speed reducer, often changing the oil.

Electrical Appliances Scrap Metal Shredder


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