Scrap Metal Crusher

Qiansen Environmental designs and manufactures custom scrap shredders as a solution for customers worldwide. We rely on innovative engineering and our experience to provide scrap metal crusher that increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Our scrap metal crushers are capable of high capacity, heavy duty shredding of a wide variety of metals. This may include ferrous metals, as well as metal scrap from scrap yards or metal recycling operations.

For every machine we build, we put durability and efficiency at the forefront of our design. Our attention to design is why our machines are known for their durability and high return on investment.

In refuse collection points, there are often piles of scrap metal sheets, copper, etc. These scrap metals are collected and then transferred to iron smelters for recycling. However, scrap metal is often irregularly shaped and takes up a lot of space, which is not conducive to compression and transportation.

Scrap car frames at the dismantling center are stacked one on top of the other, and they need to be completely dismantled to separate out various metals such as iron, copper and aluminum. Different kinds of metals are intertwined with each other and must be broken up to achieve rapid separation.

What Is a scrap metal crusher?

Scrap metal shredders are used help remove airspace in metal waste. This is achieved by increasing density by compacting and reducing shred metal into a more cohesive whole.

These products can aid with disposal of waste materials from larger metal products. They are also commonly used by recycling plants to break down materials.

Benefits of scrap metal crusher

Shredding and crushing scrap metal increases remelting efficiency. Shredding scrap metal also assists with the purifying process by refining the metal and eliminating pollutants. This increases the value and quality of the metal, making it easier to reuse in future products.

Our shredding and crushing solutions can be applied to aluminum, cables, computer hardware, copper, brass, alloys, and iron. These scrap metal crusher solutions can also be applied to ferrous metals. This includes thin gauge sheet, tin roofing and siding, metal scraps such as turnings, formed parts, auto paneling, and appliances.


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Scrap metal

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